Fleekdrop is mainly suited for dropshippers who do bulk orders. So we have a professional sourcing team, providing most of the products on the market. We are more than capable to handle a high volume of orders and make sure they safely ship your orders to the allocated destination. When you tell us which products need to fulfill, we'll give you a perfect quotation in no time, then ship them out after your payment.


Use Fleekdrop to fulfill your orders, high- quality products are purchased at favorable prices. We cooperate with thousands of factories, and buyers often negotiate prices with suppliers through visits to factories and online calls, manufacturer prices are negotiable based on order volume, saving you as much cost as possible.


We currently have 3 warehouses, which you can get for free for up to 3 months. 2 in China and 1 in the US that can readily accommodate your business inventories for all the orders. We use our network of inventory centers to help you strategically manage your inventory to reduce shipping costs and transit times. With Fleekdrop, you don’t have to own designated space and hire a lot of human resources to hold all your product inventory in because we’ll handle it for you!

Quality Check

We have a professional quality inspection team. The packaging and the product itself will be inspected before shipment to ensure that all the items we send are in good condition. We always want to provide your clients with a product that delivers what it promises from the product description, and nothing less.


We help you scale your business by providing customer-centric brand packaging and long-distance transportation to ensure that your customers receive products that have almost no Chinese characters and are intact.


Fulfill your orders just need a few clicks. Orders are shipped out in 24 hours with preordered inventory kept in our warehouse or in 3 days without preordered inventory. Tracking numbers are synced automatically to your store once orders are fulfilled.

We can customize for you...

Creating brand loyalty is not only an important way to keep returning customers, but is key to generating new ones as well. One way to achieve this is to include print on demand packages and products, small cards of appreciation to remind customers of their value to your business.

Customized labeling

Customized labeling

Strengthen customers' awareness of your brand.

Cards of appreciation

Cards of appreciation

Convey your store promotion messages or thank you notes.

Print on demand

Print on demand

Customized products increase customer satisfaction.

Videos and photos of products

Videos and photos of products

Professional team shoots fantastic and unique display for you.

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